Friday, December 17, 2010


Emma goes through quite a few phases. Sometimes these phases change several times a day, sometimes several times a week or even several times a month. Some of these phases are going to give me gray hairs and some make me giggle. Demanding to be in control of everything; what show we all watch, what games the girls play, how the blanket is spread out-gray hair. You would be surprised that the little doll most know her by can scream, hit, claw, bite(to name a few) if control is taken away from her. Dancing to every song that she ever hears, tucking my hair behind my ears(sometimes I pull it out just so she'll tuck it for me) and signing I love you all giggles. She can really melt me in these sweet tender moments, it sure goes a long way when we come out of a "gray hair" phase. Lately she has started sticking her tongue out at us. It is so funny and makes teaching her to not do it quite difficult with all of the stifled laughter.

We have a tradition each morning she gets on the bus. She always has to carry her backpack, she always gives me a kiss and a hug on the first step of the bus and while the aid buckles her in the harness she blows me kisses and waves. I always sign "I love you" to her when the bus pulls away and she'll sign it back(along with her bff Toby who sits behind her). Well, lately instead of signing "I love you" back she sticks her tongue out at me.

I giggle all the way to the door.

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Carrie and Jeff said...

That's so cute. I love that you laugh about she thinks it's funny. It's so hard not to laugh when kids do stuff like that.