Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Tonight I took Emma for her annual blood work/screenings. I've had some anxiety about it this time, I should say more anxiety this time. The fact that I've procrastinated taking her in since the end of October is proof enough. After the screening this summer and getting blindsided with Celiac disease, I've been nervous. We've had enough emotional trauma that anymore there is no comfort zone. It's just how it is around here. Nothing that a couple of smooth years couldn't fix. Emma deserves that.

While parking next to the building, Madison said "I think we've been here before". Yes hon, we have. Emma walked into the lab building like a pro, she was so cute. I love getting to be with her when she is in one of her good moods. It is some of the best medicine there is, I soak it up. Her mood was great right up until we crossed through the door into the lab room where they draw the blood. Emma is smart, she knew where she was. It was heartbreaking and adorable(her pouty lip is so cute) at the same time to see her change in countenance. While we were getting Em ready, one of the nurses said "we've seen you guys here before". It was a funny moment, since I had just been thinking the same thing. It's always a reality check for me when I recognize nurses and they recognize us. Life for the most part feels "normal" to us now. We've adjusted, it's our life. There are times though that the differences, compared to before, will slap me in the face and I'll feel the difference more. Tonight was one of those moments. It always ends up being a good thing because after the journey it takes my brain on-I always recognize how lucky we are to have Emma.

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