Thursday, February 5, 2009

Speechless and T-cell results

It's true, I am finally updating about Emma.  Things have been interesting and I literally have been left speechless.  The results for the stomach issues came back normal.  Are you thinking what?  Don't worry, we did to.  It is a long story that honestly I don't know if I have the energy to fully explain.  The short version is that the gastric-emptying study came back at 27%.  Anything under 30% is considered normal.  When I met back with Dr. Downey, miraculously he wasn't worried about her stomach anymore.  To be honest he was kind of a jerk and in a way made me feel like an overbearing, worried parent.  He was the one who got "specialist" on me and sent us off on a completely unnecessary rollercoaster ride.  Originally, I was just wondering IF I needed to be worried about the reflux that I was seeing.  He made no mention the first visit(or really ever) that it was still normal to reflux 8-10% of the time after a nissen.  At the follow up appointment however, he made it known like I was some sort of idiot.  The appointment was a battle between him and me and actually got pretty uncomfortable.  I felt bad for the intern.  I wasn't rude by an means(I wish I had it in me to tell him off), but I didn't sit there and take his crap.  The best part was when he told me he didn't even think she was refluxing.  I am so glad he knows her, since he sees her once maybe twice a year(Did you pick up on my sarcasm?).  I wonder what he would call the little puke spots that I have to scrub out of the carpet?  I'm pretty sure he knew I was not happy by the end of the appointment and he tried to make amends(it so didn't happen).  I didn't even make it out to the parking lot before I burst into tears.  He has no idea the way he messed with me.  Since day one, the responsibility I feel over her is indescribable really.  I would do anything for her and I have learned that if I am noticing a problem it is better to act fast than to wait it out.  I don't care if he is one of the best surgeons in the country, it would take something BIG to go back to him.  This isn't the first time we have faced "possibilities" that turned out to be nothing, but this was by far the worst experience I have had so far with a Doctor.  I have since gotten a few other opinions and feel like the reflux I am seeing isn't a problem unless she starts having symptematic problems(pneumonia).  Sigh.............................. 


The t-cell function ended up being normal in her immune system.  She doesn't necessarily have a normal immune system, but her t-cell function is normal.  I am relieved that overall everything has turned out to be okay with her.  It isn't fun to think about the worry and fear we were facing, but it really doesn't matter knowing that she is okay.  We will move on from this and just keep going.  I am sure it won't be the last time, we have "scares".  

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