Sunday, February 22, 2009


Thursday, Emma's Principal called me after Emma got home from school.  She wanted to tell me about something that happened at school that day that was concerning to her.  While Emma's teacher was at lunch, Emma followed one of the class aids out while she took one of the students to therapy.  The aid that left didn't know that she followed her and the other aid who stayed in the room didn't know either.  Someone else at the school found Emma about 10 minutes later, she had found a couch and was hanging out.  Emma has a tendency to run off now and I do have to keep a close eye(or grip) on her.  She wasn't hurt or anything, but she could have easily gone outside and the school is on a busy road.  I appreciated the phone call and I wasn't too concerned about it.  I doubt it will ever happen again because the Principal told me that there was already a gate on the door and the window and a rule was established to verbally communicate who they are taking and where.  I guess Emma was 1 of 3 runaways that day, two went out the window.  I felt bad for the Pricipal it sounded like she had a rough day, I was impressed with how she handled the situation though.  We still love her school.     

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