Monday, November 24, 2008

The Dan Peterson School rocks!

Emma's annual IEP(Individualized Education Program) was held the beginning of November.  It was to discuss how her disability affects her involvement and progress in the general curriculum and to go over her healthcare plan.  We went over her previous goals and I found out she met several goals throughout the year!  I was pleasantly surprised with her new goals already set for the year.  The team went over new things I can work with her on at home.  Rainbow writing, tracing(her name), play dress.  I love LOVE her school, they are right on target with her.  I appreciated that her teacher really knew her and knew what she needed.  The new principal (Kim Wong) was fantastic and really encouraging to me.  I think that the therapists there do an amazing job.  I feel so much support from this school and KNOW that I made the right decision placing her there.  I was concerned that she would be lacking social interaction at this school.  So, I thought it was very interesting that her teacher commented to me that Emma seems to thrive being on top(She is the only one in her class that is ambulatory).  It was very validating to hear that she is in the right place(at least right now) to learn and progress.

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