Sunday, March 7, 2010


Potty training, it's happening. A week or so ago, Emma came home with a note from school. It said, "Emma went potty on the toilet". Jumping up and down with added screaming may or may not have happened! I have to say I'm a little shocked that it actually happened. We have been introducing it to her for most of the year, with zero progress. I've been pleased that she showed any interest at all, thanks to her younger sister Abby who provides constant competition. I love that her school offered support in this area, it obviously made a difference. Since the note, Em has gone potty several times at home. The latest was initiated by her and happened without the water running to help her along. I've decided to just let this ride and take it one day at a time, without having a goal in sight. I know this will more than likely take awhile to completely figure out. To be starting at age 5 is just awesome, starting is good enough for me.

Surviving winter is hopefully almost over. Emma has missed quite a bit of school this year, almost all because of illnesses going around. This year has seemed to follow the pattern of alternating good and bad winters every other year. It has been "bad" because she has been constantly sick. No "real" complaints here though, since we are coming up on a year of NO hospitalizations. I think we'll throw a party.

Elopement. This is something I am trying to learn about. A great explanation on this can be found here. It basically means, running away. Although, it is far more serious than kids in general running and hiding from their parents. We've seen this in Emma for several years now, putting a name to it has helped. I guess it validates the changes we have come to accept. Things like, always keeping a watchful eye on her-even when you are smack dab in the middle of a conversation. I wonder what it's like for people to talk to us, trust me my eyes are rarely focusing on anything but Emma. Not to mention, interrupting every minute or so to either find her or check on her. I see it a lot when interrupting her mind set, she does not like to be messed with. Her way of coping with that is elopement, she'll run away or hide. More than once it has been a little scary. She knows how to open doors now and that only adds to the problem. This is just one of the many things that make me want to lock her up in a safe bubble as a way of protecting her. Life just doesn't work that way, so we will take this problem in stride and manage it the best we can. Luckily, it isn't severe-yet.

p.s. She dances ALL the time. It makes me smile........


Troy and Brittany said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Woo hoo Emma's goin' potty!

Karrie said...

Thanks for the update. We miss you guys, we need to all get together!!! Love ya!